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Travel Reservations and Adventure Travel




Flight, hotel and car reservations and bookings, adventure travel, books, magazines and articles on adventure travel, treasure hunting and prospecting.


Travel Reservations

Book Flights, Hotels and Cars online. - Airline Tickets! - Online Reservations - International flights - Hotels - Cars is an online real time discount travel agency, where you can book domestic and international flights, arrange for rental cars and book hotel rooms, all at the click of your mouse.

You can either specify particular airlines, rental car companies, hotel chains etc., or can search based on the lowest prices available.

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 - The lowest International Airfares on the web - Hotels - Cars have consolidator contracts (wholesale rates) with 24 of the world’s leading airlines and have full access to the product range of all international and domestic carriers.

Clients are provided with the best possible fare regardless of the season or situation. In addition to airfares, EconomyTravel offers Travel Insurance.

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Adventure Travel

For the more adventurous of heart - Travel the World, become a Professional Adventurer or Explorer.


Adventures into the Unknown - Unique Training Courses for Explorers, Treasure Hunters & Prospectors, various Ebooks, & Treasure Guides.

Want to do some treasure hunting? Are you interested in ancient mysteries and lost treasure guides? For special resources, training guides and ebooks, Click Here!



Lone Wolf Adventure - Articles and books on adventure, travel/adventure jobs, world travel on $25 a day, and how to travel for free

Would you like to travel the world or have thrilling vacations? Do you dream of becoming a professional adventurer or explorer? Would you like to get paid to travel, or even to travel for free? If so, Click Here!



Travel Resources, Information and Destinations:


Visit these selected sites for information about adventure travel, outside recreation and exciting destinations. Click Here.






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